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“Hi, I just want to thank you for the amazing toothpaste. My son is 11, autistic and has SPD, we found out he was brushing his teeth with water as the toothpaste we got him (strawberry children’s) was burning his throat. I ordered him your toothpaste and he is using it every night with no issue. Thanks for the knowledge that he is now able to look after his teeth properly. It is really a miracle product. 😁”

I write multi-sensory stories (storytelling though the five senses using low budget props that can be found around the home and classroom) for individuals aged 3 – adult, with Autism, PMLD, Complex Needs, Sensory Processing Disorders and a range of other learning needs. The step-by-step stories are accessed by thousands of parents, carers, early years workers, teachers, speech therapists, play therapists and care home workers. I was researching a story entitled ‘The Dentist’, aimed at desensitising individuals who struggle with dental hygiene and discovered oraNurse. My tester was a twelve year old male with Autism who has an oversensitive sensory system. He only eats bland food and finds strong smells and flavours overwhelming. He responded well to the toothpaste’s plain white colour and smooth texture (he will not use coloured toothpastes, dislikes  ‘grainy’ sensations and  the appearance, taste or texture of gel toothpastes). The non-foaming feature was fantastic as toothpaste froth makes him gag. It left the teeth beautifully clean and the breath fresh. When it came to brushing the teeth at bedtime, he was quite happy to use the toothpaste again. This was very positive as when he is tired at the end of the day tooth brushing time can be a bit of a battlefield! I would highly recommend this toothpaste.

Writer and owner of
I just got youre unflavoured toothpaste, but it already changed my life. I used to fight my parents about brushing my teeth, but now I do it as much as I can. Thank you so much for inventing a product like this.

(10yo Consumer)
This has been a great help to me in dealing with my oral lichen planus and I would recommend it to any other people who suffer similarly. I am glad to see that it also helps other people with such a wide range of ailments – thank you!

Oranurse has made such a massive difference to toothbrushing time at home with my 4 year old son, we also recommend to our patients that don’t like the taste of a mint toothpaste, amazing product.

(NHS / Dental Nurse & Mum)
This product is just amazing everyday was a daily struggle to brush my 4year olds teeth he would scream cry refuse to brush them so we got referred to a dentist in a hospital who told us all about oranurse so we went online ordered a few boxes after a few days my son was a different child using this toothpaste he now brushes his own teeth twice a day he has no cavity no decay and that’s all thanks to this product it’s amazing my son has a beautiful smile xx

Oranurse is not only for children. It is an excellent toothpaste as it does not produce the burning sensation caused by Burning Mouth Syndrome, which was diagnosed at the Dental Hospital, where Oranurse was recommended. I would suggest anyone who has a burning sensation in the mouth and/or blisters around the lips tries it.

I would like to thank you for creating this product, I have a 3 year old who cut her first teeth when she was 11 weeks old, she went on to grind those teeth taking the enamel of them, and as she suffered acid reflux and was sick a lot that damaged her front 2 teeth even more. I knew i had to protect them as much as possible and the rest as they come through. She is 3 now and its been a battle trying to get her to brush her teeth, I tried different flavors, characters, brushes, games, rewards, encouragement, mirrors, letting her do mine, so many things even the dentist couldn’t suggest anything else. I noticed she wouldn’t eat any foods with flavors and still dont unless they are very bland, so went searching and come across your toothpaste on amazon, and now she brushes her teeth no issues, she enjoys it even does it more than twice a day! such a turn around. Now i can stop worrying about the health of her teeth as i know she is happy to clean them, so thank you!

I am so happy finally I have found a way to brush my teeth without gagging/vomiting. This toothpaste has made it a pleasure to now brush my teeth without any fear.

Just a little thank you to say that oranurse toothpaste has changed the way my son feels about brushing his teeth. After years of struggling to find a toothpaste that my son likes as he doesn’t like the mint flavour, we came across oranurse unflavoured. WOW. There is no struggle any more for my son to brush his teeth, he does it without me even having to pressure him. Fantastic Product. Well Done. Thank you.

I requested samples after recommendation from a colleague, patients have responded favourably, particularly those with erosive LP/desquamative gingivitis. I find their OH improves and the caries prevention from using a fluoride toothpaste which many avoid is essential. Also Special Care patients with low ‘taste’ tolerance get on well with this toothpaste. I give out the samples where appropriate and help the patients to source the product.

(NHS Highland / Dental Hygienist)
Good for LIchen Planus sufferers too not just for children. I am a 70+ pensioner and I find Oranurse is an excellent toothpaste for me. For over 6 years. I suffered continuously from severe erosive buccal lichen planus, an incurable condition which creates painful open sores and ulcerated areas in the mouth. The use of normal toothpastes always made cleaning my teeth really unpleasant as it made the lesions inside my mouth even more painful. Early in 2015, suspecting that one or more of the chemicals in standard products was making things worse I searched for an alternative and found Oranurse. Fantastic ! I can clean my teeth without distress and my last two dental check ups have shown perfectly clean teeth. The Lichen Planus has been in continuous remission since finding Oranurse, and although I have no other evidence that this is a contributory factor I still find that even an occasional use of other toothpastes makes my mouth feel painful afterwards. For me the case is proven! I hope Oranurse becomes even more widely known. Thank you once again for your excellent product.


Hello I just wanted to say a massive ” THANK YOU” for creating this wonderful product. My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and as such is highly sensitive to smells and tastes… I have literally tried every fruit flavoured toothpaste on the market but brushing has been an utter nightmare for 6 yrs now… That was until I came across your product whilst searching through eBay… When it arrived, he was interested to find out if it had a taste or not… And I’m pleased to say, that after 5 days, his teeth have never been as clean as they are right now!!!…. So I’m going to spread the word and hope your business grows by reputation because you have certainly made a massive difference to mine & my sons life… I also have a daughter with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and will be trying your product on her also as she has the same issues and suffered for 17 years!!!…. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart…… You’ve changed our lives for the better… I will never purchase any other brand than yours…

(Ebay Customer / Consumer)

Having the product Oranurse available has helped in many cases with children/adults alike, who don’t like cleaning their teeth because they don’t like the toothpaste. Sometimes it is the taste and several mums of younger children, when given a sample of oranurse to tryhave said that it has transformed the T/B regime. On many occasions I find it is a welcomed recommendation for children/ adults who have copious amounts of saliva, children/adults with autism, patients who are peg fed, and where T/B is limited but can be increased due to the non frothing properties of Oranurse.

(Nottinghmashire Healthcare Trust / Dental Therapist)

Feedback to date is, in the first instance people think its weird cause of the lack of flavour, but most people that use it, oncology and ex-herion addicts seem to like it, most of them struggle to tolerate the really minty stuff on the market, so this is a relief for them.From a dental point of view, the fact that is has the right amount of fluoride is great.

(Drug Addiction Centre / Oral Care Hygienist)

Just an update on OraNurse. Samples are going well. It seems very popular with parents for their children, obviously full instructions of use for under 6yrs has been given.find as its flavour free this toothpaste is preferred by their child. I know personally i have the same issue with my daughter, with many parents repeating the same problem, that a lot of children specific toothpaste have a strong mint flavour. I’ve now switched to OraNurse for her and i have no quibbles when brushing.

(NHS Dental Practice / RDN & ICPL)

My son has autism and brushing teeth used to be so traumatic it was ridiculous. Thanks so much for producing a totally unflavoured toothpaste – brilliant 🙂

(Amazon Customer / Consumer)

Our son has Aspergers and as a result cannot tolerate minty or flavoured toothpaste! So the relief of being recommended this was unmeasurable. Brushing his teeth in the morning is a much less torturous experience now!

(Amazon Customer / Consumer)

I picked up a tube of Oranurse whilst at a hygienist meeting thinking I’d try it on a patient in the future. However, little did I realise I would be needing it myself! I have a pancreatic neuro endocrine tumour, diagnosed 9years ago. Last year I was given a new course of tablets which completely affected my taste and I was crying using normal toothpastes. I suddenly remembered I had a sample of Oranurse and started using it with great results. Many Thanks.

(Dental Hygienist / Consumer)

thank you my daughter has special needs and we had problems brushing her teeth until our dentist sugested you and now we dont have to fight her to brush her teeth thank you


I just thought that you would like some feedback about the unflavoured toothpaste that we have been giving to the families we care for. Most of our children have complex health needs, which can impact on their ability to tolerate too much fluid in their mouths, as they often have difficulty swallowing. This also results in their mouths becoming very dry and uncomfortable.

The unflavoured, non-foaming toothpaste is fantastic as so many of our children dislike the taste of mint found in standard toothpastes, which also create too much saliva for them to swallow. The families that we have given this to have been delighted with this product, as it has made mouth care a much easier task. It is often a battle for them to brush their children’s teeth and as you can imagine, these families have a lot of difficulties to deal with in their lives so removing one of those stresses means a lot to them.

This product, as well as making life easier for the parents, enhances the quality of life for the children – to whoever needs to know, thanks for that!

(Care Team Leader, Children’s
ens Hospice)

Just to let you know that so far the Oranurse unflavoured toothpaste I have used has been well received. It has been used by a 5yr old girl who needs to brush with a fluoride toothpaste and doesn’t like the strong taste that is often present. Equally being bland there is no incentive for her to ‘eat’ the paste as she does her flavoured junior paste.

(Senior Dental Officer, Community Dental Clinic

We now have some happy dentists here who can at last offer the much awaited non flavoured Fluoride paste. At the moment, these have been sampled mainly by our autistic patients who really do not tolerate flavoured mint paste well. Feedback from them so far has been positive.

(Programme Leader, Community Health Services)

With regards to our conversation earlier today I would like to pass on my comments about your new product.
My 8 year old son has always been adverse to using mint toothpaste or indeed any other toothpaste which has a strong flavour and foams in his mouth. He physically gags at the smell and taste of mint. This has led to countless problems over the years when it comes to brushing his teeth morning and night. I have tried to source an unflavoured toothpaste for years now but have never been able to find one.
I was given oraNurse Unflavoured Toothpaste by the dental school that my son is currently attending and the difference in the teethbrushing has been unbelievable. There is no longer a fight morning and night to get him to brush and he is delighted with the fact that it is unflavoured and does not foam in his mouth.
I think this is a great new product.